Jakob Löhnertz

I was born and raised in Germany but I live in the Netherlands nowadays.
Since many years my greatest passions are software development and UI/UX design.
Therefore, I am currently a master student of Software Engineering at the University of Amsterdam. I held weekly official tutorings at my previous university in Germany for the subjects ICT and web technology for fellow students to prepare them for their exams. I did these tutorings for nearly three years consecutively.
Next to my studies, I work at a software development firm which sells intranet software as well as plugins for it. Together with my team, I develop web-based software for our internal systems.
Mostly, I work with Go and Python for the backend and Vue.js for the frontend. The products are released as rolling-releases, therefore my team and I are developing new features alongside giving support for the products.

Due to the fact that programming is also my favorite hobby, I work on open source projects in my free time a lot which you can find on GitHub or in my portfolio further down this page.

I enjoy working with these technologies the most, which does not mean that I hate other tech stacks: Elixir, Python, Go, JavaScript (as well as TypeScript), Haskell, Vue.js, React (Native), Node.js, Phoenix, Django, OTP.

Screenshots Tanglestash

Tanglestash is an algorithm I developed that allows it to persist any data onto the network of the cryptocurrency IOTA. Of course, it can also retrieve data that was persisted with it beforehand.
For more info on the data structure I designed for it and for the general idea behind it, have a look at the README on GitHub. The module is licensed under the MIT-License so it is entirely open source and available on NPM as well.
Furthermore, I created a GUI for it which is also open source software and available for Windows, macOS and Linux. You can download the application from here: http://tanglesta.sh/

Screenshots HSRM Stundenplan App

This mobile application allows students enrolled in supported programs at Hochschule RheinMain University in Wiesbaden, Germany to check their timetables on the go.
I developed this app outside of university as a private project.
After it got much approval from professors though, I officially released it in the app stores of
Google and Apple for free of course. The application is built upon React Native and is licensed under the MIT-License. Its open source code is available on GitHub.

Talk about the cryptocurrency IOTA

On the 2nd of March 2018, I held a public talk about the cryptocurrency IOTA as part of a series of tech talks. The talk discusses the main aspects about IOTA in a technical manner as well as more practical use cases later on. I took care that the content is understandable regardless of the amount of prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies.
Additionally, I wrote an article on Medium which summarizes the whole talk.
Both the talk and the article are in German though.

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